We acknowledge that Hampstead Health is located on the traditional country of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains. We acknowledge the cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land of the Kaurna people as of importance in the development of this health service as a welcoming place and its role in positively supporting the health and well being of the Kaurna people.

Our vision is to deliver high quality, comprehensive, integrated, multidisciplinary primary health care services to the people and communities within the catchment area of five kilometers from Hampstead Health location and bounded in the South East by the River Torrens.

Hampstead Health will encompass the following definition of primary health care:

“Primary health care is a holistic approach which incorporates body, mind, spirit, land, environment, custom and socio-economic status. Primary health care is an Aboriginal cultural construct that includes essential, integrated care based upon practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable procedures and technology made accessible to communities as close as possible to where they live through their full participation in the spirit of self-reliance and self-determination. The provision of this calibre of health care requires an intimate knowledge of the community and its health problems, with the community itself providing the most effective and appropriate way to address its main health problems, including promotive, preventative, curative and rehabilitative services.” (Adapted from the World Health Organisation Alma-Ata Declaration 1978).

The primary health care developed by Hampstead Health will encompass:

“the provision of medical care, with its clinical services treating diseases and its management of chronic illness, it includes such services as environmental health, pharmaceuticals, counselling, preventive medicine, health education and promotion, rehabilitative services, antenatal and postnatal care, maternal and child care, programs and necessary aspects of health care arising from social, emotional and physical factors.” (Boughton, 2009).

We are committed to providing the maximum amount of clinical training and education for all current and future primary health care workers.

We will engage with our community to improve individual and community capacity for health and self determination, prevention of illness, and early detection and management of diseases with the aim of reducing avoidable hospitalisations and deaths, reducing disease risks, improving work participation, individual and family well-being and overall quality of life.

To achieve our vision we will deliver:

  1. A high quality coordinated range of health services to meet the needs and priorities of the community within Hampstead Health catchment area;
  2. Integrated models of preventative care, ambulatory care, chronic disease management, clinical governance, and community engagement and development;
  3. Shared care using protocols with a focus on community, inter-professional and patient partnerships in care;
  4. Responsiveness to the local community including all ethnic, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and older Australians needs for health and wellbeing related care;
  5. Accessible, culturally appropriate and affordable care to all patients.
  6. Support for integrated preventive health care and the promotion of healthy lifestyles with regular community forums, newsletters, health screenings and an informative, relevant website;
  7. An efficient and effective electronic clinical information system to enable medical records to be available to all relevant practitioners with patients’ consent and to enable proper clinical governance;
  8. A quality work environment with clinical sessions, multidisciplinary case management, teaching activities and primary health care research projects to attract and retain the best possible workforce;
  9. Fully accredited services to RACGP Standards and allied health accreditation standards and participation in the Australian Primary Care Collaborative Program;
  10. A viable, sustainable and efficient business model;
  11. High quality education and training opportunities;
  12. Co-ordination with other health services to strengthen local primary health care.


Values and Philosophies of Hampstead Health

Our values are:

  1. We want to build a vibrant organisation that embodies all of the important human values – trust, reciprocity, integrity, respect, dignity, courtesy, fairness and social responsibility;
  2. Give every community member, participating health professional and employee a chance to contribute;
  3. Treat every patient as a family;
  4. Support, empower, and appropriately reward all participants and employees;
  5. Build long term creative relationships with all local health and social care organisations in our community;
  6. Train extensively and constantly to build and reinforce our vision.
  7. Pay close attention to detail;
  8. Progress is imagining, working, building a better way to deliver health and wellbeing;
  9. Succeeding as a team while excelling as individuals.



Hampstead Health has a Board of Directors with the majority of directors independent that consists of:


Robert Peterson (Chair)

Bob has extensive experience with a wide variety of business especially in the area of franchising and Corporate Governance. His special interest is entrepreneurism and he has a degree in Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Honors) from Swinburne University of Technology. Bob is a professional Director and sits on a number of Boards and holds the Chair in most cases.


Andreas Clark

Since July 2014 Andreas Clark has been the CEO of Wine Australia. Prior to this he held a number of senior management roles with Wine Australia.  Before joining the wine industry he served as a diplomat with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra and Brunei and has also worked as a lawyer in private practice and in-house with an ASX listed company. He holds a Master of Laws from the Australian National University and Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) from Flinders University and is admitted to practice in South Australia. He has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia.


Suzanne Schultz

Suzanne has had an extensive corporate career that has spanned community services, adult education, marketing and management consulting with a focus in the healthcare industry. Now a registered Pharmacist, Suzanne is the owner and CEO of the Schultz Pharmacy Group. Suzanne’s qualifications include  Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Politics) Diploma in Applied Psychology, Master of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honors). Suzanne is currently undertaking a PhD and was recently awarded the prestigious Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship.


Lisa Pritchard

Lisa has over 15 years experience in chartered accounting and is currently a Partner at BDO. Lisa has advised on many levels of taxation and accounting, ranging from small start-up enterprises to reporting to boards of publicly listed corporations. Lisa has a special focus in the healthcare industry. During her time at a large international accounting firm, she worked with various South Australian Government Departments with particular reference to Fringe Benefits Tax including both compliance and policy development. Lisa’s qualifications include Bachelor of Commerce; Chartered Accountant; Fellow, The Tax Institute.


Peter Feros

Peter Feros with partners owns and operates eleven pharmacies in Sydney and Canberra. One of the pharmacies is Cincotta Discount Chemist Merrylands which is the largest community based pharmacy in Australia. It generates annual sales of $32m. Peter has had a financial interest in and is a director of Gateway Medical Centre at Mona Vale on Sydney’s northern beaches. It is the largest medical centre on the northern beaches, being 1250 m2 in size with seven associated health care services.

Aaron Langman (Executive)

CEO and Executive Director, Aaron Langman, has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Business. Aaron has over 15 years’ experience in delivering primary health care services, including the establishment of over 10 General Practices. He also owns a consultancy company servicing the medical practice business industry.


The Board and the management team are united in wanting to deliver state of the art primary health care through Hampstead Health and to be able to use our collective decades of training and experience to deliver improved health outcomes to the community in the catchment area.

All members of the Hampstead Health team subscribe to the values set out above and are motivated by the opportunity to deliver on these and on our vision. We all believe that the purpose of Hampstead Health is primarily to deliver high quality integrated multidisciplinary primary health care while maintaining organisational viability and continuous improvement.


Building Hampstead Health

The video below provides a quick visual history of the building of Hampstead Health, from initial Artists Impressions to the final product.