Welcome Dr Tomas Van Wyngaard

We would like to welcome our new Doctor to Hampstead Health Family Practice: Dr Tomas Van Wyngaard.

Dr  Van Wyngaard graduated from medical school in 1988 from Pretoria, South Africa. He has excellent
training, vast experience and a friendly and helpful attitude. He was an owner of a medical centre in South Africa
prior to emigrating to Australia 12yrs ago. He has worked in the Australian country and due to family commitments has now relocated to Adelaide.

He has vast experience from general medicine to intensive care and general family medicine. He has worked with thousands of patients to optimise their health.

He enjoys management of Diabetes, Rheumatological illness and other chronic diseases.

He has a special interest in skin cancer medicine and he provides full skin checks, Excision of all skin cancers available via in room procedures, manages follow up of all skin cancers, performs digital photograph of skin lesion at examination.